Have you got our Stackable yet?

Have you got our Stackable yet?

Have a question about our new Stackable Bottle range? We have the answer for you in our latest blog.

Hi all, today I thought I would share some thoughts on one of our new products the Stackable Bottle. Now one of the questions I get asked a lot is what other products can be put into our Stackable Bottle once it’s sections are empty.

Obviously you can simply refill it with the same products but if you want to add some extra flair to its contents, what follows is a good suggestion.

With the grinder section, you can put in a mixture of different peppercorns, say black, green and pink. You can even put in an entirely different product like our Mimi’s Egyptian Dukkah which will grind perfectly.

Change the Olive oil section into a vinaigrette section, perhaps mixing some of our olive oil with our sweet pomegranate balsamic and some of our Barrero spice.

Finally for the vinegar section of our Stackable Bottle, try changing that entirely and putting in our Wasabi Balsamic. It’s an amazingly different dressing that is also a drizzle for fresh oysters!

So there you go, our Stackable Bottle can be more than what it is and you can make it into your own total unique tableware. By all means send us your own suggestions as we always love to hear how our customers are using our products. Enjoy! 🙂