Summer Meal

As we swelter through another heatwave, most of us will be looking to minimise our time in the kitchen. With that in mind, I thought a quick-to-make meal idea could be worthwhile.

Atlantic Salmon is a staple in my house and quick to cook.

So, grab a couple of fillets from your local fresh seafood outlet, making sure that you get ones that still have the skin on.
Then go into any supermarket and find a tin of baby or “chat” potatoes. While there get a fresh bunch of Asparagus spears as well.
Once home find your jar of our Mimi’s Egyptian Dukkah along with your bottles of our Sweet Pomegranate Balsamic and Caramelised Balsamic.
Find a pan that is about 5cm deep and put in enough water to fill it 2cm high. Pour in 100mls of the Sweet Pomegranate Balsamic and mix well. Heat the pan until it starts to boil. While you wait for it to boil, dust the Atlantic Salmon fillets with our Dukkah.
Once the water/SPB mixture boils, pop in the fillets (skin side down), and reduce the heat to half. Cover the pan with a lid.
The fish will be ready in approx. 5 -6 minutes so while you wait for that, drain the water from the canned potatoes, heat another pan with 100g of butter and just as the butter starts to brown, tip in the potatoes with 100ml Caramelised Balsamic and roll them around so they get a good coating. Cover and reduce heat to half.
The fish should now be finished poaching, so remove the fillets and put them on a plate to rest.
Cut the Asparagus spears so they are only about half their length and drop them in with the potatoes and coat as well.
Keep moving the potatoes around for another 2 minutes then remove and share between two plates. Do the same with the Asparagus.
Place a fillet on each of the plates and you’re good to go! The salmon will have absorbed just the right amount of the Sweet Pomegranate Balsamic and taste amazing with the Dukkah.
The whole meal will have taken less than 15 minutes to prepare and cook and that’s quick in anyone’s language?